Art Collector's Home


Boston, MA

The owners wanted a space, which could house and showcase their substantial art collection. Boldly turning the floor plan’s wall angles out of parallel to the exterior building envelope and creating a sculptural rounded room allowed for interesting continuous flow through the space and an intriguing visual play from one room to the next. The lighting, shade control, and ceiling heights were all optimally designed to showcase the artwork.  Likewise, the simple yet tasteful furnishings do not compete with the art. The finished residence creates a modern living space that showcases the owners' love for art.

Photography by AntonGrassl/Esto



Spectacular view from Art Collector's balcony Art Collector's wall of photos in a museum like setting Living room with glass bench and seating area surrounded by Dining room with sliding art panels and Fire Spark fireplace Custom designed kitchen with lacquer paneled cabinets and stone counter tops built-in drawers with vases and artwork curved wall with artwork round stone bathtub vanity with rectangular mirror curved vanity seating area vignette of artwork with shelf